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Phone: Monday-Thursday: 9:30 -14:30

Overall Joy of Life

€28.90 €25.00 VAT included plus freight charges
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Made of 100% organic cotton, soft and delicate on both sides, using the noble Interlock canvas, providing a tender caress and protection for your baby’s sensitive skin.
Our products are designed and made with maximum attention to details:
  • color and print, both compatible with the baby’s skin
  • push buttons without nickel or chrome
  • the flexible neck and push buttons inside the legs allow its use easily during dressing and changing the diaper
  • Footless, also suitable for active babies
  • color: nature with sun yellow print.


For size guide, wash instructions and shipping visit our client Info. section below. 

All our clothes have GOTS quality certification.

Organic by Feldman GOTS product